The African Traditional Spiritual Coalition firmly supports the ongoing protests against police brutality and injustice in the criminal courts. However, we have not authorized any parties to use the

African Traditional Spiritual Coalition’s name while participating in said protests.

African Traditional Spiritual Coalition

African Traditional Culture/Spirituality dedicated to preserving the culture as well as to provide healing and collective prayers for the elevation of the larger African community, nation, and all humankind.

The Sacred Healing Circle and Conference brings the spiritual/religious community together for united prayer and spiritually elevating activities designed to bring about individual, family and community healing, fortification, empowerment, and enlightenment.





The best way to learn more about African Traditional Spiritual Culture (ATSC) and/or becoming a member of a Shrine House is to attend their events, workshops, and/or classes.

Spiritual Pioneers of Bringing Each African Traditional Spiritual Path to African-American Communities

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The African Traditional Spiritual Coalition (ATSC) is a unified group of Traditional Spiritual Houses that were brought together in response to the vision/message received by Chief Iya N’Ifa Ifoarinoola Efunyale (Pamela Mother Taylor) in 1999. 

Since its inception, the African Traditional Spiritual Coalition has hosted several Sacred Healing Circles that have been led by the Akan, Ausar Auset, Sangoma, Yoruba and Vodoun communities.

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