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Yoruba Shrine Houses

Yoruba Temple of Spiritual Elevation & Enlightenment

Iya Omi Aina Carter

Yoruba Temple of Spiritual Elevation and Enlightenment also known as the Yoruba Temple was founded in Washington, DC in 1982 by Chief Iya N’Ifa Ifarinoola Efunyale (Mother) Taylor. Mother Taylor grew up in Trinidad, West Indies. Her parents and family were Yoruba practitioners who followed the traditional African practice of Orisa. She received her calling at a very young age and was initiated into Orisa at the age of five. Later, Mother Taylor migrated to the U.S. and received additional initiations.


Oba Efuntola Osei jeman Adelabu Adefunmi I, founder and Chief Priest of the Yoruba Temple of New York and the Yoruba Village in Sheldon, South Carolina initiated Mother Taylor into Obatala and helped her to open the Yoruba Temple of Spiritual Elevation and Enlightenment. Mother Taylor was initiated into Ifa by Oba Awopeju Bogunmbe of Ogunda Meji Temple in Ibadan, Nigeria. She was initiated into Ogboni by H.R.H. Oba T.A. Opeoodu of Lagos, Nigeria, and was initiated into Egungun by Chief Ajamu of the Oyotunji Village.

The first home of Yoruba Temple was at 830 19th St. NE Washington, DC. In 1984, the Yoruba Temple purchased and moved into a building at 4226 Eads St NE Washington, DC. In 1991, a devastating fire destroyed the building and left the temple without a home. In 1992, the temple purchased and moved into another building at 5530 Old Marlboro Pike in Forestville, MD. Reconstruction of the Eads St. property was completed in 1997 and the members returned to that building. The current home of the Yoruba Temple is 5711 Huntland Rd in Temple Hills, MD. For over ten years, the Yoruba Temple also owned and operated the company Seven Powers of Africa, that was located on Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC. Seven Powers of Africa provided spiritual consultation and counseling. They also sold African artifacts, fabric, religious and spiritual items.

The Yoruba Temple originated through the legacy of our ancestors in Trinidad, West Indies and the Caribbean following the traditions and cultures of the Yoruba people in Nigeria, West Africa. The philosophy of the Yoruba Temple is unity and healing through the power of love and truth of Olodumare. The Temple’s teachings are based on the Odu Ifa Corpus (the work and body of recitations used in the divination system) as handed down to Orunmila and the Orisa. Orunmila is known as the Word of God and witness to creation, and the Orisa are divinities of God. Mother Taylor has initiated and ordained many spiritual children throughout the U.S. and world who continue to spread and teach the word of Olodumare.

Recognizing the oneness of spirit, Mother Taylor promoted, and continues to promote, the unity and coming together of all spiritual people and organizations. Power of unity was found with the Akans of America, the Ausar Auset Society, the Oyotunji Village, the Santeria and Lucumi houses, the Muslim community, and many other local churches and organizations. Chief Iya N’ifa Ifarinoola Efunyale Mother Taylor made a peaceful transition into the spiritual realm on January 17, 2017. 



Oloye Babalawo Awogbemiga Toussaint & Iyanifa Ifaseun (Omosade) Mahoney

IFALOBAORISA TEMPLE, Washington DC was established in 2016 as an extension of Ifa
lineage of the Opeodu family.  IFALOBAORISA TRADITIONAL CENTER (Ifa and Orisa
Temple) the home shrine in Iperu Nigeria, is run by Prince Oyekunle Opeodu, Awise Ifa of Iperu
and Ajano Oro of Iperu and supported by Prince Ifasola Opeodu, Oluwo Ilu of  Iperu and
Ajagunbade of Imobido Dynasty.

They, Prince Oyekunle Opeodu and Prince Ifasola Opeodu are the sons of the late HRH Oba
Tajudeen Abiodun Opeodu, the Apebi of Agbogidi, the 1st Araba Agbaiye/Founder of
Ancestoral Lineage of Africa (Ogboni ALA), Apeni Ajaru ogan of Iperu Opa cult.  Oba TA
Opeodu introduced and initiated Baba Awogbemiga and Iya Ifaseun to Ogboni ALA and
initiated Baba Awogbemiga to Ifa.

The aim of IFALOBAORISA TEMPLE is to promote the principles and teachings of the Ifa and
Orisa traditions in Washington DC. Baba Awogbemiga was installed as the Olori Apena of
Ogboni ALA for the United States of America and has been designated as the Oluwo of
Ifalobaorisa Temple, Washington DC. Along with Iya Ifaseun, Baba Awogbemiga continues the
legacy of their elders and teachers, HRH Oba Tajudeen Abiodun. Opeodu and Oloye Iyan’fa
Ifarinoola Efunyale (Mother) Taylor.

Osa L’Ogbe Ifa Yoruba Temple/Egbe Onifa of Washington, DC

Amunkinro Ifakunle Ogunjinmi & Iyalaje Ifanike Osuntoyin Omowale

The Osa L’Ogbe Ifa Yoruba Temple, Egbe Onifa of Washington, DC was established as an extension of the Ifa lineage originating from Abeokuta, Nigeria headed by Babalawo Ifatope Akinwande, the Araba of Abata land and the Babalaje of Onagboro Egbe Onifa in Abeokuta. Araba Ifatope has designated Awo Olodu Ifakunle Ogunjinmi Omowale, the Amunkinro of Onagboro Ebge Onifa in Abeokuta and his Apetebi (wife), Awo Ifanike Osuntoyin Omowale, as the head representatives of the lineage in Washington, D.C. Oloye (chief) Ifakunle serves as the Oluwo (head Ifa priest) and Iya Ifanike serves as the Olori (head) Iyanifa of the Osa L’Ogbe lineage hailing from Abeokuta in the Washington, D.C. community. Oloye Ifakunle also serves as the Apena Ogboni of the Ile’di Edangbemi, Aiye Mo Juba (also headed by Araba Ifatope) among the members in the Washington, D.C. community.

Oloye Ifakunle and Iya Ifanike are proud to represent their spiritual community in Abeokuta in the diaspora after spending two years living and studying with their family in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. The shrines of the house and the Osa L’Ogbe Ebge Onifa, Washington D.C. include Ifa, Osun, Yemoja, Esu, Ogun, Erinle, Obatala, Sango, Oya, Egungun, Igba Odu, Egbe Orun, and Ogboni. Iya Ifanike is a gifted Elegun (spiritual medium) and an initiated devotee of Osun. She specializes in the art of eerindilogun divination and Orisa song and dance. Baba Ifakunle specializes in the art of Ifa divination and ebo riru (sacrifice). He is also an initiated devotee of Ogun, Sango, Erinle, Egungun, and Egbe Orun. Baba Ifakunle also is a traditional Orisa Ayan (drummer).

Iya Ifanike and Baba Ifakunle emphasize the importance of family in their spiritual life and practice. Their work with Ifa and the Orisa is centered on family building and character development. The knowledge and path of our ancestors is taught and practiced as the birthright of our children. The Osa L’Ogbe Egbe Onifa of Washington D.C. works with spiritual seekers of all ages interested in journeying along the traditional path of Ifa and the Orisa.

Ile Imole

Bokor Iyanifa Omnifunmi Nire (Iya Mari) and Babalawo Ifalase Obasanjo Victor

Ile Imole was established in 2020 as a space for Afrikan spiritual and religious-based practices. With thanksgiving, we continue the work created by our ancestors of serving and enhancing our community and humanity. Eepa orisa!

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