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Ausar Auset Cosmology and History
Ausar Auset Society International

The Ausar Auset Society is a Pan-African organization based on the indigenous traditional form of African cultural expression dating from its earliest recorded period of Ancient Egypt (Kamit), Indus Kush (pre- Aryan Vedantic India), Canaan Ethiopia, and Sumer to the present – the traditional area of the Akan of Ghana, Yoruba of Nigeria, Bantu of Southern Africa, Ewe of Ghana, etc.

The Religion and Central Philosophy

The Society is based on the Ausarian religious system, which is the oldest known to the world (documented from 3000 BCE to 300 ACE). In the “Book of Knowing the Manifestation of Ra and the Overthrowing of Apep” (dated around 2100 BCE), we find the oldest record of “monotheism” being practiced by man. In this text, in addition to the Supreme Being referring to itself in the 1st person singular, it also says its name is “Ausares” and establishes that the foundation upon which God brought the ‘universe into being is “Law”(Maat). Since “Man was made in the likeness of God, man shares in the attributes or qualities of God. Therefore, the divine qualities of God are the same for man, and thus make up man’s self-image. This concept is rooted in the fact that one of the names of God is ‘Ausares’, and the divine self-image of God in man is called “Ausar”.

As God is beyond “sin”, so to then is man when s(he) identifies with her Divine Self Image. Unlike the Judeo/Christian and other such religions in which Man is essentially bound to the frailties of the flesh and incapable of transcending his/her human limitations, the Ausarian religion is fundamentally based on the individual’s efforts to use each and every life situation as an opportunity to experience his/her divinity. Those moments referred to as adversity, serve as a vehicle for everyone to rise above the influences which are registered through the ‘animal’ parts of the brain. Those emotional responses that are associated with a human self-image must be replaced with behavior reflective of a Divine Self Image. “Salvation” for the Ausarian cannot be based on the forgiving of sins after a life of debauchery and mistreatment of others, but on a life that is the embodiment of divine law (Maat). To this end, the members of the Ausar Auset Society are taught the Kamitan system of Cosmology (“philosophy”), meditation, rituals, oracle (the Metu Neter), qi gong, and a plant-based dietary regimen, as well as other subjects necessary for rooting the Divine Self Image as the basis of their performance in the world.

Cosmogony of the Kamitic Tradition

In the Kamitic tradition, Neter (God) in its essential state possesses the qualities of Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence. Neter, using the divine law, Maat, creates the world as a vehicle through which to experience its Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence. Even though all forms of creation provide for Divine expression, it is only Man who was made in the image of God, through which the divine can be given its full self-image. As the completion of the establishment of the Divine self-image in man may take many lifetimes, the spirit of man lives on in life beyond physical existence. The Shepsu (enlightened ancestors) serve as the metaphysical keepers of the knowledge and traditions of divine living. The Shepsu protect and guide us daily toward a lifestyle in accordance with divine law.

As was mentioned above, God created the world using the Law and provided man with 11 laws by which to live to create her Divine Self Image. These “laws” in other traditions are referred to as the spiritual agencies through which God administers the world (Arch Angels, Angels, Deities, Orisha, etc). Through ritual/meditation and following the ways of our ancestors, we are able to cultivate these 11 principles within our Spirit and fulfill our purpose of being, Self-Realization.

0. AMEN (Principle of Peace)
Amen is the essential state of man’s energy, Peace. Peace is the only correct, hence natural, response to life’s challenges. It enables us to find solutions to all problems and to achieve all goals consistent with our destinies. Scientific studies have proven that peace and calm in the midst of adversities protects health, and promotes clarity of perception, thinking and righteous conduct. Thus we meet the requirement to become one with God (Omnipresence), to share in God’s wisdom (Omniscience) and spiritual power (Omnipotence).

1. AUSAR (Unity)
Ausar is the unifying principle of all creation. He is the form through which Neter (God) functions in its most perfect sense in the world, and since man is made in God’s likeness, Ausar is the standard by which our lives are measured. Therefore, the goal of man’s life is to realize (make a functional reality) the Divine essence which we are.

2. TEHUTI (Truth-Wisdom)
Tehuti, the speaker of Divine words, is responsible for supplementing our spirits by providing us a direct method of knowing God’s will while our spirit is still developing. Since man uses only 10% or less of his brain at this point, it stands to reason that our ability to accurately evaluate life’s experiences is deficient. Hence, Neter has provided man with oracular divination techniques to receive the word of God to direct our lives.

3. SEKERT (Change)
Sekert is responsible for recycling the spirit (energy/matter). Everything has a season, and when its allotted time has elapsed, the soil must be re-cultivated for the new formation to occur. She is the reaper who cuts down the old and inters it for the newness of life to continually provide us with the resources we need for our next activity.

4. MAAT (Righteousness)
Maat provides a model for correct living. Since all things are a part of God, Maat provides us with the energy of Love – selfless giving, seeking nothing in return. She admonishes that we look beneath the external garment and identify with the God within.

5. HERU KHUTI (Justice)
Heru Khuti protects the integrity of the Spirit. All things are one in essence but each expression is different and has a right to exist. The Neter, Heru Khuti, ensures that the rights of all are acknowledged and maintained.

6. HERU (Reason)
Heru provides man with an underlying drive for eliminating the shrouds of darkness which shackle the Spirit. He is the light of reason which enables us not only to see beneath the surface of situations into the principles governing their development, but also all of the inner relationships being impacted. No one with Heru fully awakened within their Spirit could produce a product which would remedy a situation today and create another problem tomorrow.

7. HET HERU (Harmony)
Het Heru is responsible for the positive communication between people which takes place in the affective domain. The arts, sweetness, good vibes, peacefulness, harmonious interchanges, creative and procreative endeavors all fall within her domain.

8. SEBEK (Intellect)
Sebek is responsible for communication through thought. His domain is the so-called intellectual capabilities of man that follow principally left-sided brain courses. These processes that unfold in a sequential manner, e.g., math, science, logic, accounting, speech, etc. are a valuable and necessary faculty when bridled with Tehuti (truth- wisdom). However, when left to their own volition they have proven to be dangerous skills many times over (e.g., (a) this drug will stop morning sickness; (b) she has morning sickness; (c) give her the drug and she will not have morning sickness). This is logical (Sebek) but not true (Tehuti) because her baby is born without arms. The faculty of Sebek is both the salvation and the curse of western man.

9. AUSET (Nurturing)
Auset is the mother of Life, that which gives birth and nourishment to all things. It is through her waters that all things take form and it is her mothering that provides the force which feeds, protects and heals.

10. GEB (Phenomenal Plane)
Geb corresponds to the physical realm which is composed of electro-magnetic forces, atoms, and molecules. It is the earthly vehicle of God’s spirit. This is the proving ground for the ideas that govern man’s life and is the environment in which man is tested. The man/woman who identifies with their divine nature and who has found truth will experience happiness—enjoyment of living—on earth. The man who has not found truth, will suffer in the world.

Organizational Structure

In addition to its interest being true to its commitment to African culture, the Ausar Auset Society has based its government on the traditional African kingship due to its superiority over western forms of government. That the traditional African king must be the Chief Priest means that the leader of the people must be highly spiritually trained and responsible. This role is embodied in the position of Shekhem Ur Shekhem (King Great King).


Alongside the Shekhem Ur Shekhem, in a leadership position and nurturing and supporting the Shekhem Ur Shekhem and the whole Society. are the Nesuitu (Queen Mothers of Ausar Auset International). The regional leadership comes under the domain of the Ur Auau (Regional Paramount Kings), the Urt Auat-u (Regional Queen Mothers), the Shekhemu (male or female Chiefs), the Seru (Elders), and the Neter Hennu (Priesthood) of the Society. It is thus that traditional African nations have maintained greater stability than their western counterparts.

Societal Origins and Expansions

The Ausar Auset Society was established initially in New York City in September, 1973 by Ra Un Nefer Amen I, the Shekhem Ur Shekhem of the Society, for the purpose of providing an Afrocentric-based spiritual training to the descendants of Africa in the Diaspora, as well as a social vehicle that would enable us to live accordingly.

The Society has expanded internationally to include chapters throughout the USA, Africa, Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. The Washington, D.C. Hesp (region), under the direction of the Paramount King, Ur Aua Hehi Metu Ra Enkamit, has served the African community since 1975.

Economic and Business Components
To facilitate the sharing and distribution of the spiritual teachings, spiritual and health products, and services of the Society, the Society established Taui Network ( The publication and distribution of audio, video, and written works such as the Metu Neter Volumes (1 – 7), comes under the banner of Khamit Media TransVisions, Publishers. The Society also shares its teachings online via Blog Talk Radio (

Washington, DC Operations

The DC Hesp has been blessed to have initiated several important operations to meet our needs as Black People and as a Spiritual Community. From 1983 until 2005, Ausar Auset DC operated A-t Seban Mesut (School for the Children of Ausar) which offered an African- Centered Education with a Spiritual Foundation (Pre-K to 8th Grade). 1983 also heralded the establishment of Senbeb (“To Have Good Health”) Food Collective which in 1990 evolved to a full- fledged health food store, Senbeb Co-op.


The co-op included a deli featuring nutritious vegetarian cuisine. In 2005 Senbeb Deli grew to become Senbeb Café. Senbeb Natural Foods and Café continue to address the need for both quality nutritious foods and affordable supplements. The Sistrum Clothing and Books Boutique opened in 2000, and along with Senbeb, serve as an economic, skill development, and training vehicle for the DC Hesp.

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