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The best way to learn more about each spiritual path is to attend their events, workshops and/or classes. Here is a list of some of the services and events from some of the spiritual paths.

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Ausar Auset Society

Ausar Auset Society is a Pan-African organization based on the indigenous traditional form of African cultural expression, dating from its earliest documentable period-Ancient Egypt (Kamit), Indus Kush (pre-Aryan Vedantic India).

Ausar Auset Society invites you to attend:

  • Taui Saturdays: Classes & Workshops

  • Equinox & Solstice Prep Series

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Onipa Abusia

Onipa Abusia is an Akan religious organization that was established to promote African religious and cultural practices. Onipa Abusia is dedicated to continuing the cultural traditions and religious concepts that Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu established for the Akans of America.

Onipa Abusia invites you to attend:

  • Weekly Akom Services held every Sunday

  • Annual Festivals

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Spirit Central

Nana Yirenkyi Opare Gybei & Nana Enyo Takyiampong

Spirit Central invites you to attend:

Akom Services held on Sundays

Cultural Workshop Series

Annual Spiritual Festivals 

Learn more

The Temple of Nyame

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The mission of the Temple of Nyame is to facilitate healing on numerous levels: personal (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), familial, community, societal and global. We promote healing through ritual and spirit-centered activities.

The Temple of Nyame invites you to attend:

  • Weekly Services held every Sunday

  • 40-day Adaes

  • Ancestral Akoms

  • Cultural Lecture Series

  • Annual Festivals:

    • Spring Rites Festivals

    • Odwira Festivals 

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