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The African Traditional Spiritual Coalition (ATSC) is a unified group of Traditional Spiritual Houses that were brought together in response to the vision/message received by Chief Iya N’Ifa Ifarinoola Efunyale (Pamela Mother Taylor) in 1999. Since its inception, the African Traditional Spiritual Coalition has hosted several Sacred Healing Circles that have been led by the Akan, Ausar Auset, Sangoma, Yoruba and Vodoun communities.


The ATSC continues the work to preserve and promote African Traditional Culture by providing  healing services and spiritual uplifting programs. The Sacred Healing Circle and Conference brings the spiritual/religious community together for united prayer and spiritually elevating activities designed to bring about individual, family and community healing, fortification, empowerment and enlightenment.

Support Our Cause
We welcome your charitable donations to help strengthen our healing work to preserve and promote African Traditional Spiritual Culture.

Contributions are accepted via credit/debit card, CashApp and Paypal.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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