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Iya N'Ifa Mother Taylor - February 2, 2013
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In 1999, Chief Iya N’Ifa Ifarinoola Efunyale, known endearingly by many as Mother Taylor, went into deep trance to receive a vision from spirit concerning the need to call people together for prayer. Mother, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, is the Chief Priestess of the Yoruba Temple of Spiritual Elevation and Enlightenment and is an esteemed Elder within the spiritual community.  Chief Iya N’ifa Ifarinoola Efunyale Mother Taylor made a peaceful transition into the spiritual realm on January 17, 2017.   A near verbatim transcript of Mother recalling the event of 14 years ago when she received the Vision, is below. While reading this it should be understood that Mother is channeling Spirit while she is talking:







It was more the feeling than the words that were spoken. But, I felt the words that were spoken. I was told to warn the children about these things that happened nine or ten years ago - about the distress that was coming. And, we have to pray to get us
out of this dilemma. Not only pray, but all mankind join with us in prayers.

Iya Mari was there. She was witness to when I came out. She was one of them that picked up the continuation of the vision.
And, I was told to get the nation together. In my days we use to call it the tribe. It was not called by the name of the country you living in. It would be called the tribe, and they told me get all the tribes to assemble to pray and to keep the Vision of the prayers going from generation to generation. I felt as I should do something about this Vision that I had. It was haunting me. So I told Iya Mari and everybody that was there when I came out of the trance about this Vision. And Iya Mari picked up the continuation of the Vision. And it was like a work placed on her to do. She was more actively doing it than me. She began to ask me, “Mother, when are we going to start? When are we going to do the work?” So I said, “Call the people.” So she began calling the houses.

At that time I only knew about the Akan houses and the Vodoun house because the Vodoun child is my Goddaughter... and the Akan and the Yoruba. The Santeria house, I know about them but I could not speak Spanish but I was thinking to call them. They knew about it. The Spanish lady that owns the Botanica on Columbia Road—she knew about it because I told her about it.

And my Vision was how to get all the denominations regardless of how much Spanish they speak regardless what they do, what they say...we are all God's children. The Sun shines on everybody. There is one Sun. The moon shines on everybody. The rain shower drops whole on everybody. We are all God's children. No discrimination. That is how I got the Vision. That all men regardless of nationality or tribe or religion or whatever it is. It needs to come together in prayer for this millennium and forever. That means there is one God and we have to join together as One God One purpose regardless of Jews, Gentiles whatever it is. We are serving One God, regardless of denomination. There is only one God we have to serve. No one knows - no one knows what road he has to take until He takes the veil away and breathe His Holy Word. No one knows.
So that was the message that was brought.

Iya Mari did the calling. She called who she knew at that time with the purpose of including the other denominations. God has not come down and strikes to anyone yet from saying Jesus, from saying God, from saying whoever it is from saying the devil. God has not used his thing strike anyone. So we have to unite. If it’s one day we have to unite - unite and worship for that purpose to say we are a United People serving One God whoever He is, and whatever She is, or whatever He is. We have but One God Almighty. That day is to set aside that all should come together to be united as the force of energy serving One God.
I did not know Shekhem yet, because they were not organized yet. But, as soon as they come in, we cannot turn anyone away because they're all God's children. For the purpose of the Unity that we serve, our mission would be depleted if we turn anyone away.

I'm sure you're all not organized yet because everything has to go in decency and in order, and, because they're coming in the name of God. If they're coming in the name of the devil we will find them out. God will find them out and He will say get hence Satan I don't want you here no more. God will not let anyone enter if they're not of God. Because this thing - it was a God given purpose. It was God's message. To be united as One. To be united as One. So my thing is to open the doors for everyone to come in for the purpose of blessings. You will be richly blessed for that purpose to be fulfilled. Because if you give everybody five minutes, everybody could say what they're doing. It will let people know what to expect if they go to that church. For One Day for One Minute let our voices be heard in One Accord.
The Akan answered the call but is not limited to the four house(s). It has to grow and be bigger.



The money you will charge ...and be prosperous. But that is to build a Center so that we can have a Center for all people to worship... for anything being held at the Center. That was my aim, that was what we started to do. To put down the offering and save it so that we can purchase a Center - a building. A building for a Center. Looking around in those days we had all the denominations, people looking around to have something. To have something they can go to that they can call they own. The Yoruba, the Akan and everybody don't have nothing. We have to have something that we can call our own. Rent out the places to bring in money. This child is not working. The jobs it could afford. It’s a nonprofit organization. You can't pay big salaries, but they can have a little food on the table. You can provide for them. So we are not going any place because things are not being done the right way. If things were being done the right way you would have been further where we are going. We're going to be getting there. 

So I was telling Iya Mari the Bible story tells us Jesus had twelve disciples. He sent everyone out. Everyone did not do the work the same way. Everyone did a different kind of work. Which makes it unique which makes it God's work. Because if everyone does the work the same way, it is dead. It is dead work. That's what God's chosen people do. They work in different ways. God children are known by numbers - sacred numbers.

I'm going down, but you all are coming up. You all have to get to know something is being done the right way. And, some things been done the wrong way. And the only way you're going to get there is by the knowledge of God. By prayer and meditation. If you pray fervently something will tell you you're doing something wrong, or you're doing something right. We need more prayers to be properly guided. Yes properly guided.

We can't take something from the top of our head how to say something done this way and they can't do this. You all have protocol and ambition or whatever it is. It has to state somebody is doing something the wrong way. You think is wrong but it's not wrong; it's the right way because they're getting substance from what they are doing - from what their spirit guide tells them to do. We have to have so much wisdom by getting somebody’s new ways to do something. The Bible tells us that the New Heaven and the New Earth comes from the Newness of Life... new thoughts, new ideas, and new purpose. You can't be stuck in one way all the time! You can be free as the bird. You must be free to evolve. Yes, that’s the way.


About the origin of the Coalition, I thought I would tell how it began by telling you about the Vision that I had one day during service. We usually meditate during the service time. During meditation I had this Vision. They took me out. And, I was so deep that I had trouble coming back. They took me out. And, I saw a cloud going from the west to the east. And, I thought this cloud is going from the west to the east, not the east to the west? So, I thought I will not question the spirit. And the dark cloud came up; it was so dark it was almost black.

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