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Peristyle de Mariani in Haiti & the Temple of Yehwe in Virginia

Supreme Serviteur Ati Max G. Beauvoir

Max G. Beauvoir was enstooled as the Chief and Supreme Servitor of the religion of Haiti in 2007 and is the head priest of over 2,500 priest and priestesses worldwide. Mr. Beauvoir is the founder of the Peristyle de Mariani in Haiti and the Temple of Yehwe in Washington D.C. Both of these institutions are dedicated to the understanding of the culture, history, religion and traditions of Haiti and Africa.

Born in Haiti, Mr. Beauvoir is the author of several books and publications. He is fluid in French, English, Creole, Spanish, German and Italian. Mr. Beauvoir has worked all his life to foster the understanding of Haitian culture. Due to his work, Vodoun was finally declared a religion by the President of Haiti in 2005. Mr. Beauvoir has archived the sacred songs and liturgy of the religion in two books that have been declared by the Haitian government as the country’s official Bible.

Mr. Beauvoir graduated with a degree in Chemistry from the City College of New York. In 1959 he studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris. By 1962, he obtained a PhD in biochemistry. Dr. Beauvoir holds a US patent for hecogenin, a plant steroid derived from the Haitian yam. He has worked for NASA and Harvard University assisting to find medicines for space travel and extensive surgeries.
Local representative: Mambo Yahweh Pit’ontan 

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