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The sacred healing circle was created to provide healing for the African community.  It also seeks to invite the community to experience different African healing rituals in one space.  Bringing together the African diaspora together in one space. The community will experience educational opportunities to learn the history, culture, language, sacred music and dance, customs and rituals.

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Theme: The Spiritual Foundation of CommUNITY

9:30am //  Registration

10:00am // Workshop 5: Environmental Stewardship in the Divine  Kingship

11:10am // Summary of Conference Workshops

12:00pm // End of Conference & Break for Lunch


          (Presentations by the Akan - Ausarian - Yoruba)

6:00pm // Fellowship & Dinner

7:00 // End

The workshops will follow the sub-themes of the Divine Kingship text, addressing how the Kingship promotes UNITY in the areas of:
1) Administrative Principles, 2) Political Structure, 3) Social Organization, 4) Economic Activity and 5) Environmental Stewardship

9:00am // Registration & Welcome

10:00am // Overview of Conference Outline & Goal

11:00am // Keynote Speaker:  Shekhem Ur Shekhem Ra Un Nefer I
Administrative Principles of the Divine Kingship

12:15pm // Lunch Break

1:40pm // Workshop 2: Political Standards of the Divine Kingship

3:05pm // Workshop 3: Social Values of the Divine Kingship

4:35pm // Workshop 4: Economic Responsiveness in the Divine Kingship

6:00pm // Meditation

6:30pm // End

Saturday, April 28th
Davis Dance Center
6218 3rd Street, NW, Washington, D.C.
Sunday, April 29th
Colmar Manor Community Center
3701 Lawrence Street, Colmar Manor, MD
About the Conference

Embedded in the concept of CommUNITY is the communal coming together (unifying) around a "common set of values" often described as culture. From the beginning of the recording of OUR Story, some 5,000+ years ago, African Societies have preferred the Divine Kingship as the Model around which the CommUNITY has been organized. The foundation of the Divine Kingship is firmly rooted in the understanding the Man is a Divine Being, made in the image and likeness of God, and as such is the vehicle through which God is to manifest the "glory of Heaven" on Earth. The person who "sits on the stool", the "King", is the representative of God in the CommUNITY and of the CommUNITY in God.

Because of the importance placed on the person in this position, African People have developed systems, processes and principles to guide the selection of the "stool occupant" to ensure that the individual is a quality representative of and to both God and the CommUNITY. This is necessary to ensure that "the common set of values" established to promote and maintain the CommUNITY (Common UNITY) are preserved.

As God expresses its being in and as the world through what along the Nile Valley was known as "Ra" (the Spirit), its organization in the world of Man is realized through the CommUNITY, hence it is the "The Spiritual Foundation of CommUNITY".  By examining it's Administrative Principles, Political Standards, Social Values, Economic Responsiveness and Environmental Stewardship this conference will examine how we can use the Divine Kingship as a Model to develop sustainable commUNITY's' of "Self Realized Individuals". 

The combination of the fact that the Nations of the World, especially the US, are experiencing a crisis of leadership exposing the spiritual bankruptcy of the Western Governmental systems and the interest in African Kingship generated by the recent release of the '"Black Panther", the timing of this conference could not be more appropriate. If we are to resolve the problems facing our neighborhoods (as CommUNITY does not truly exist) we must 'Sankofa', go back and fetch the essence of our Ancestral practices and form CommUNITY around them, if we don't our great, great, great, grandchildren will in all likelihood be facing the same challenges we are facing today!!

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The African Traditional Spiritual Coalition (ATSC) is a unified group of Traditional Spiritual Houses that were brought together in response to the vision/message received by Chief Iya N’Ifa Ifoarinoola Efunyale (Pamela Mother Taylor) in 1999. 

Since its inception, the African Traditional Spiritual Coalition has hosted several Sacred Healing Circles that have been led by the Akan, Ausar Auset, Sangoma, Yoruba and Vodoun communities.

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